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:O i almost got tooken to jail!

2009-05-16 18:13:10 by zaqw2124

i almost went to jail cuz of i and my friend got in a fight! D: i wish it was me not my friend... D:


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2009-05-16 18:14:59

I almost thought you nearly acquired a token to jail. Well, I hope you resolve the issue with your friend.

Have a nice day.

zaqw2124 responds:

yea we did... we had this fight cuz some body told me that my friend wants me to die. and told my friend that i said he sucks at everthing!... we had guns and swords and stuff! AND IT WAS AT SCHOOL TO! THE KIDS CALLED THE COPS!!!!!!!


2009-05-17 08:37:30

How the FUCK did you get past your parents, past the teachers past everyone else with GUNS AND SWORDS!!!?!??

(Updated ) zaqw2124 responds:

CUZ EVERBODY WAS AT CLASS! ME AND MY FRIEND GOT SWORDS AND GUNS FOR SHOW AND TELL! AND WE WERE LATE! soo was this guy and i was late first and he told me that my friend wants me to die! so thats how!