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dont dump her

2009-03-01 02:09:26 by zaqw2124

dont dump a girl unless shes a geek!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2009-03-01 03:16:45

Nerd girls are the best kind. They tend to be just as hot as the popular girls, but haven't taken six cocks at once during a beach party. Plus they don't drive you crazy with babblings about useless garbage.

(Updated ) zaqw2124 responds:

if u like them so much go get one unless u already have a hot girl lol


2009-03-01 12:05:24

nerd girls r weird but they ligten up!!!!!!

(Updated ) zaqw2124 responds:

it is kinda true man!


2009-03-02 21:50:39

lol i have geek girl friend but i dupmed her cause of her thick glasses lol!

(Updated ) zaqw2124 responds:

i would've threw her out the win- errr i mean Ill send her to a geek boy.. go on xgenstuidos!!!!!!!!!